survey from customers

عکس اصلی: 

By appreciating you for your good choice in buying this company’s products, informs that this form is set to get your ideas in order to improve quality of the products more and increase customer service and customer satisfaction.


Please help us in this way, with your exact answers, Thank you.

  1. Quality of the cement of this company, to what extent could meet your expectations?
  2. To what extent you are satisfied with material and quality and( the measurof the cement packets compared with 50 Kgs standard)  of the company.
  3. Evaluate Conformity of the kind of produced cements of the company with needs of your sale area.
  4. Evaluate specialties of the cement filled in cement packets by the company with print on them .
  5. How do you evaluate company’s personnel behavior with customers?
  6. Please evaluate delivery status of cement.
  7. Evaluate time period between your paying money to the bank until starting cement transferring by the company.
  8. What is your total evaluation of comparing this company’s products and services with other cement companies in the region.